Estimating runoff precipitation and providing land use maps and agriculture levels in different periods of time, using remote sensing technology in Roud Zard basin area

Document Type: Original Article


1 In irrigation and draning, Shaid Chamran uninersity, Ahvaz, Iran.

2 draining of Khormabad University.


   Today, remote sensing technology is used in all scientific and informing fields around the world, and it has achieved to very satisfying results. In the present study, by using remote sensing technology and application of satellite photographs the coefficient of curve number was estimated with high accuracy and pick discharge of the flood was calculated with a good accuracy. In this study, in terms of land use changes effect on data of a historical event for decision making and evaluating long term variations of land use, basin area is also used. The results show that remote sensing and GIS technology are proper for analyzing runoff depth distribution beneath the studying basins. Daily rainfall and flow measurements showed that the land use changes on the precipitation - runoff in the basin has an effect However, because satellite images (except for the two periods 1990 and 2002) were available in different time periods, the results of land use change and its effect on the results of rainfall - runoff is not shown. This technology can be used for predicting runoff in watershed management and water recourses.


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