Investigation of Leaching Process on Saline and Sodic Soils, and Provide a Suitable Experimental Model for Land Reform in “Southern Khuzestan” Soils

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1 hydraulic structures,Science and Researche Branch Islamic Azad University, khouzestan Iran.

2 irrigation and draning,Science and Researche Branch Islamic Azad University, khouzestan Iran.


In regions like south of “ khouzestan” that water table are high, under the effect of water rise moving through capillary fringe and its vaporize,  the salts move to soil surface and cause salin or salin and sodic soils. Leaching assign as one of those adjustment soils methods. In order to investigate the leaching process and draw the curves of desalinization and dealkalization in region of Darkhovin Shadegan, The research was conducted in a randomized complete block design that included four treatments using 40, 60, 80 and 100 cm of water for leaching was repeated three. In present work, we investigate leaching experiment by continuous ponding in experimental plates as a metal plat model in square meter based on plane of experiment and associated treatment. After using 100 centimeter of leaching water the results show the desalinization for continuous ponding with 74 percent,and cause a decrease in exchange sodiom percent(ESP) with 50 percent respectively. The comparison between dealkalization and desalinization in field tests, and experimental models of leaching showed that, new inverse model respect to other experimental models has a better coordination by the field data. After this  model “Reeve”, “Hoffman”, “Pazira”and “Kawachi”, “Leffelaar” and “Sharma” models take position. Finally by usage of new inverse equation, we plot a curves of desalinization and dealkalization.


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