Comparison of One-point and Two-point Methods for Estimation of Infiltration Parameters in Furrow Irrigation

Document Type: Original Article


1 MSc student, Department of Water Engineering, University of Tabriz, Iran

2 Assist. Prof, Department of Water Engineering, University of Tabriz,Iran.

3 Department of Water Engineering, University of Tabriz,Iran.


Infiltration is one of the most important hydraulic parameters affecting surface irrigation and one of
the most difficult parameters in practical field determinations. The infiltration equations are used to
describe water flow hydraulics and surface irrigation systems design. But determination of the
parameters in these equations are costly and time consuming. Therefore, some estimating methods are
used for this purpose. In this study , three inflow-outflow (as the base method), Shepard et al.’s onepoint
method and Elliot and Walker two-point method were used to determine the parameters of the
infiltration equations. By comparing with the inflow-outflow method, the accuracy of the one point
and two point methods were evaluated for volumetric determination infiltrated water. For this purpose,
the collected data from 201C1 and 201E sugarcane farms in Haft-Tappeh with furrow irrigation
system were analyzed. The data were collected under different inflow rates and furrow lengths. The
results showed that the Elliot and Walker two-point method with relative errors of 8.08 percent for
201C1 farm and 12.85 percent for 201E farm had more accuracy in relation to the Shepard et al.’s onepoint
method with in estimation of cumulative infiltration depth. This method had also more
satisfactory results with relative errors of 4.03 percent and 6.41 percent for 201C1 and 201E farms,


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