Valuation of Groundwater Resources in Agricultural uses: Bijar,Iran

Document Type: Original Article


1 Master of Agricultural Management, Zanjan University ,of Zanjan, Iran.

2 Faculty member in Zanjan, Zanjan University,of Zanjan, Iran.


The agricultural sector is of particular importance in the city of Bijar. Thus, the economic value per
unit of water applid to the side effects of excessive groundwater resources in this area has a utmost
importance. Payment for estimation of water on a suitable production function was estimated revenue
producers. Therefore in this study to estimate the economic value of water resources in agriculture,
contingent valuation method (CVM) was used. Due to the lack of a clear market for agricultural water
in and input results Hmchnn the willingness to pay for water used to estimate the share of income
producers Estimated production function properly .Required data from a random sample of 110
farmers were included.Well as consumer surplus under normal and drought, respectively, 594/16 and
3553/23 reduced to Rs. (It is worth noting that the figures and results, economic data in 1390 is).


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