A Study of the Water Leakage in the Irrigation Channels of Kazeroun Plain through ponding Method and Compare with Empirical Formulas

Document Type: Original Article


1 Firuz Abad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Firuz Abad, Iran.

2 Agriculture and Natural Resources Research and Education Center Gulf of research, education and extension, Shiraz, Iran.


In the past centuries, water was considered as one of the most important factors to appear the social groups and develop communities. Today, it is emphasized as a necessity to supply the economic and political balance. Regarding to limited water resources and underused plains in the world, to provide the humans needs and prevent to appear the consequences of water shortage, the best strategy is the optimum use of water and soil resources. Also growing population and limited food and water resources is caused to some scholars tries to use the limited water optimally. One strategy is to investigate the effect of conceal in irrigation channels to reduce leakage. The results showed that there was no significant difference of water leakage in ponding method and empirical formulas of MolesWorth-Yeni Doumia, Ingham, Davis and Wilson in Arab Canal. Moreover, the empirical methods of Mortiz and Indian Panjub were significant on the level of 5% and there was significant difference in empirical formulas of Moles Worths-Yeni Doumia, Davis- Wilson, Mortiz and Ingham, also it was significant in the level of 1% through Indian Pan Jub. In addition, the result of comparison between the empirical formulas demonstrated that the maximum and minimum leakage were seen in the Davis and Wilson in the Khajeh Bagheri canal and Indian PanJub in Arab canal, respectively. 


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