Assessment of reservoir sedimentation by mathematical model GSTARS3 on Masjed Soleyman dam in Khuzestan Province-Iran

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Accumulation of sediment transport volume and reduce the useful life of dams, water storage tanks can be. So far, many methods for calculating sediment this is presented in reservoirs are generally classified into two categories: mathematical modeling and experimental .This study examines the effect of using Gstars model parameters in the model, deposition of sediment in the reservoir tank and forecasting of Masjed Soleiman was made. Results indicated that the most sensitive parameter model of deposition and sediment transport equations show that. The model is calibrated using data from the second flood A is less critical than the daily statistics Negligible error rate of 2% between the observed value and the calculation results show that Gstars mathematical model for use in estimating the amount and distribution of precipitation with a suitable model. The annual volume of tank 1/6 was estimated that the observation of the 1/1 percent.

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