Studying the Effect of Submergence Depth on Scour Pattern of Hydraulic Jet Downstream

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This research aims to study jet downstream scour model under the influence of changes of water level. It also studies and analyzes different parameters and components of diffusion of submerged jet flow in an acceptor fluid and scour hole dimensions. To achieve the objectives, a physical model was made in proportion to the research title. With the Froude number increasing in a nozzle discharge, flow velocity increases in the acceptor liquid. Moreover, with the Froude number increasing, the overall flux velocity increases by the same rate. Velocimetry experiments were carried out at different submergence depths to study the effect of submergence depth of an acceptor liquid on discharge velocity of a nozzle. With respect to the discharge velocity of the nozzle for submergence depths of 10, 30, and 50 times bigger than the nozzle diameters, it was specified that the measured velocities were consistent with each other and changes of depth had no effects on discharge velocity.


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