Geometric simulation and the salinity of water entering to the Hoor al-Azim wetland for determine the capacity of drainage water

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1 Experts of Water Resources, Khouzestan Water and Power Authority, Ahwaz, Iran

2 Experts of Water Resources, Khouzestan Water and Power Authority, Ahwaz, Iran.


 Hoor al-Azim wetland, are a large and permanent wetland area located between Iran and Iraq.  By entering the flow to the wetland area, the geometry of the wetland, acts in the form of an inverted imperfect pyramid. So that by entering the water flow, the water level of wetland is simultaneous by increasing the surface. In this study by using the geometric relationships of pyramids, was acted to the geometric simulation of the Quintuple reservoirs. Results have shown that in order to keep wet all or part of these two reservoirs, the safety capacity of about 1.5 billion cubic meters per year equals to 48 cubic meters flow per second is required, which is a mixture of river water and drainage water. Therefore by this 50 percent of mixing, electrical conductivity of water in these tanks will be controlled in about 5500 micro mouse per centimeter.


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