Evaluating the Capability of the NLEAP Model to Predict the Movement of Moisture and Nitrat Accoumulation in the Soil

Document Type: Original Article


1 M. Sc. Irrigation and Drainage Department, Department of Water Engineering, of Abu Ali Sina, University Hamedan,Iran.

2 Assistant Professor of Water Engineering, University of ABu-Ali Sina, Hamedan,Iran.


The relationship between the accumulation of nitrate in the soil and its concentration in groundwater and in various plant systems is still not fully understood, but it indicates a high correlation between nitrate leaching and environmental and managerial factors. In this study in order to model the movement of nitrate in the soil profile and loss of fertilizer in the root zone using NLEAP GIS 4.2.NLEAP is used in order to model the movement of nitrogen in soils with artificial drainage system Data from farm ARC2-14 of sugarcane research area in Amirkabir unit (one of the seven unites of sugarcane development) was used and irrigation treatment consisted of full irrigation (I1), 85% (I2) and 70% (I3) of full irrigation and amount of nitrogen fertilizer including area was 150 (N1), 250 (N2) and 350 Kg per hectare. Measured values of nitrate and water content in the soil profile and predicted values during the study period were evaluated. The results show that the NLEAP models have predicted the concentration of soil nitrate. Also range of parameters of AE, RMSE and R2 to estimate the concentration of nitrate in the soil profile is -1.4 to 2.3, -1.7 to 3 and 0.3 to 0.99.  


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