The study and evaluation of fixed classic rain irrigation system with moving sprinkler and comparision of spray pattern by using the surfer software (Aleshtar city of Lorestan state)

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For a long time, Iran faces to water deficit problem in agriculture. According to low random of irrigation, one of the economic ways in water use is repairing the irrigation systems such pressured irrigation and its extension. In this study the results of soil quality experiments and experimental farm water gage, show that the soils had low range of SAR and EC and were in normal group in C2-S1 class. According to the results, the water and soil quality of this farmlands, has no limitation for sprinkler irrigation. The results of water distributions uniformity on low quarter, the Christiansen uniformity coefficient and Co-depth curves showed CU and DU values for the A. H, M, V and S was less than Meryam and Koler suggested values for CU and DU. Also the results show the full irrigation was happened in A, H, M farms, and deficit irrigation was happened in V, S farms.


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