Evaluation of drip irrigation systems in Gachsaran region

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Drip irrigation, which is known as a trickle irrigation system, is also considered as the most efficient water application system. Drip irrigation can deliver water and chemicals more precisely and uniformly at a higher frequency of application than furrow and sprinkler irrigation. It can increase the yield and revenue, reduce water and fertilizer costs, and decrease cultural cost as compared with other irrigation methods. In this research, 5 gardens with their drip irrigation systems were evaluated. Then, DU, CU, EU, AELQ and PELQ parameters were measured for them. Results showed that the suitable management and protection from drip irrigation systems are very important whereas it will be ended to high CU and DU in plan. Also, the absence of Central Control System in plans caused sedimentation in system and clogging of pipes and drippers. With analysis of pressure and discharge variations curve of lateral pipe along manifold pipe, it was clear that in the laterals divided from beginning and end of manifold pipe, the pressure and discharge variations were very high that was caused the decrease in DU and CU in drip irrigation system.


Main Subjects

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